Surgical and protective face masks

Our research regarding protective products during a pandemic and continuous tests have resulted in affordable, high quality medical devices which are developed with latest scientific medical knowledge regarding prevention of contamination and protection of others in case of an infection with bacteria and viruses. During only 3 month a completely new protective surgical facemask was developed which can be used not only in medical practice.

Especially taking in account that contaminated bio material has to be disposed safe and minimizing possible new infection in others in case of an infection.

Facemasks are a protective measure used together with other measures like handwash, keeping distance to others and following rules proposed by the government and WHO.

Protective mask


The World Health Organization advises therapeutic masks to combat pandemic influenza and acute respiratory illnesses.

Reusable masks should always have an internal protective filter that needs to be changed every 2-6 hours.

The reuse of the filter in reusable masks varies from 2 to 6 hours, depending on the external conditions. It is recommended to use one filter for a maximum of two hours during an epidemic or in healthcare facilities.

Doctors and healthcare providers are convinced that medical masks should be worn for people with symptoms of the disease, for the prevention of the disease, as well as for doctors who have contact with patients.